Managing Study Workflow using the Resource Description Framework (RDF)

Imagine a study conduct tool where:

  1. One enters the result of an observation and the tool immediately lets you know what observation(s) to collect next
  2. The tool immediately performs a data quality check and creates an alert if there is a problem
  3. One enters the results of all the screening tests and the tool immediately tells you whether the subject is eligible to continue in the trial
  4. If the subject is not eligible, it tells you why he or she failed screening.
  5. In an adaptive trial design, it analyzes the observations in real time and informs you what protocol-specified modifications one can make in the subject's treatment plan
These are all possible today if we start representing study data including the protocol, using the RDF. 

In my last post, I spoke about a paper on this topic. I am now sharing that paper so those interested can take a look at it. I'm also posting the slides I presented at the annual PhUSE meeting in Edinburgh, Scotland (Oct 8-11, 2017), which was a very successful meeting by the way. A record number of attendees (695) participated in the conference.

I hope you will find it interesting. Please send me your comments. Thank you.

Paper: Managing Study Workflow using the Resource Description Framework

Slides: Managing Study Workflow